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USB-C 3.0A 27W Fast Charging Cable - 100cm - Pmart

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At Amped Gismos, stay connected with our USB to C-Type Charge-and-Sync Cable even when your smartphone battery drains. You can effortlessly power up and transfer files from USB-C smartphones and tablets, ensuring you never miss a beat. The thin connectors with a tactile grip fit into cases with ease and add to the protection of the device. Its quality ensures longevity for regular usage, making it your trustworthy friend. This cable keeps you connected to everything with a large 4 feet of length, giving you constant access to social media, calendars, and the internet anytime you need it.

Amped Gismos stands as a distinguished and esteemed company, ceaselessly striving to soar to greater pinnacles of accomplishment in the market. Our stanch mission revolves around catering to the needs of our customers, providing them products of extraordinary excellence at remarkably accessible prices. With an unwavering commitment to delivering premium quality and value, we are on a journey to ensuring that every encounter of yours with Amped Gismos leaves an unforgettable mark of satisfaction and delight.

  • High-Speed Data Transfer:The USB Type C and USB 2.0 connectors allow for fast and immaculate data transfer between devices, making file sharing and syncing a breeze.
  • Universally Compatible: This USB cable is made to function perfectly with laptops and other gadgets that support USB Type C and USB 2.0 connectivity, providing flexible usage across numerous devices.
  • Durable Manufacturing:The Amped Gismos cable is built to endure everyday wear and tear. The use of robust materials and reinforced connectors provide long-lasting reliability.
  • Tangle-Free Design: It’s time to say goodbye to annoying cable tangles. The Amped Gismos USB cable features a tangle-free design, making it easy to manage and store without any knots or snags.
  • Efficient Charging:Apart from transferring data, this cable supports efficient charging, ensuring your devices are powered up quickly and reliably.
  • Enhanced Performance:Here, we ensure top-notch performance, making it an ideal choice for professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts who demand optimal results.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:Despite its high-quality features, the Amped Gismos USB cable remains affordable, providing exceptional value for your money.
  • 1-Year Warranty:Amped Gismos really take pride in their products with a sense of confidence prevailing all around and provide a 1-year warranty and replacement policy without any asking or inquiring any questions.
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