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Star Master Projection Lamp

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4 LED lights, multi color optional

5 different color variations

You won't feel warm or hot even if you work all night

2 Usage:

Stable light at night

Rotatable moon star projector

1. It is very suitable for decorating weddings, birthdays and parties. It is very suitable for romantic night lights and decorative lights!!

2. Romantic night, full of sincere gifts

3. Power is supplied by 4 No. 7 batteries (not included) or USB cable

4. This is anew popular cosmic star projector lamp, which can help you put the universe back home and give you a piece of sky color change. It does not need a hard to find field. Rotate its base, you will have different color spaces and find the constellation you belong to.

Operation manual:

You can choose different power operation methods, USB cable or battery, but do not use the battery and USB charging at the same time.

3. Three models:

[Mode A:] Night light (warm light) Press A again to turn off mode A.

[B mode:] Switch the light color (monochrome light or color light superposition). Note: Press button B for 9 times continuously, and type B will be closed.

[C mode] It is used to control the rotary switch (rotating or not rotating freely) Note: Press C again to turn off the

rotation. . WN |

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