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Sealed Insect And Oil Smoke Prevention Ten Egg Compartments Storage Box

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  • Product Name: Rotary Reserve Bucket
  • Product capacity: 6L
  • Number of eggs: ten
  • Product material: PET+PP
  • Product use: storing grains


  • The baffle can be disassembled and the capacity can be adjusted. By rotating the middle fixing rod, it is easy to disassemble the six-sided baffle.
  • Six independent compartments can accommodate six types of coarse grains
  • Press to release the grain, and lightly press to quickly release the grain
  • Ten egg compartments, a grain bucket capable of holding eggs, which can be rotated as a whole, making it easier to take, with suitable spacing and no bumping
  • Dust proof top cover, convenient for switching, dust proof and moisture-proof, insect and oil smoke prevention, and intimate design
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