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Manual Liquid Pump Kit

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This Kit Make Your Life Easer!

  • 【High Flow Hand Siphon Pump】-- Portable siphon hand pump is made of lengthened and thickened transparent PVC pipe, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance make the pump faster delivery speed.

  • 【Perfect for Regular Water Changes】-- No messy dripping will occur, and the strong one-way valve can improve suction. You can clear 30L in about 5 minutes.

  • 【Keep Your Aquarium Clean】-- Use aquarium siphon pump to filter gravel to absorb the toxins accumulated in food, fish manure and fish tank, and provide a clean environment for your fish tank.

  • 【Easy to Use】-- The built-in outlet and inlet valves can prevent backflow, direct extraction, and the liquid flows out within 5 seconds. Arrow indicates flow direction.

  • 【How To Assamble】Easy steps to assamble. 

  • 【Wide Range of Use】-- Manual water pump is suitable for fuel gasoline, diesel, gasoline water and other common liquids, and can also be used as a water changer for the fish tank at home.




Material: Plastic Air Pump + Transparent PVC Hose
Size: Outer Diameter 2m (Inner Diameter 18mm), Tube Thickness 2mm, Length 2m (Can be Arbitrarily Cut According to Your Needs)


Package List:

1 * Oil Pump
2 * Hose
2 * Hose Clamp
1 * Straight Valve
1 * Corkscrew

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