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Herb Grinder

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Easily and quickly cut or chop fresh herbs. The Microplane Herb Mill chops and cuts without tearing, bruising and scarring. Prepare chopped culinary, medicinal herbs and tea as basil, dill, thyme, coriander, sage, mint and more with a quick twist of the wrist. Cleaning is quick and easy and the Microplane Herb Mill is washable.
Removable Superior to easily carry a lot of fresh herbs.
Ergonomically-Herb mill designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Specifications: Herb Mill Dimensions: 16×7 cm / 6.29 x 2.75in.
Material: plastic body. Blades made ​​of surgical grade stainless steel.
Color: White & Green Package includes: 1 x Herb Mill Chopper Operation: .
Remove Herb Mill top . Remove completely dried herbs of your rod and put on both sides of the insert Replace Top to the body . Hold firmly the body with one hand and the top with the other hand. Hold the blade mill along a container for collecting the grass. While gently apply downward force twist the top in a back-and-forth movement. A built-in stop will let you know when to change direction. Care and Cleaning: While the entire mill herb is washable, is recommended to disassemble the pieces to effectively clean all components. Remove top Herb Mill. Wash herbs herb mill to remove any leftover from the unit. Hold the herb mill with the blades facing up. Squeeze the two tabs on the sides of the body with one hand. With your other hand, rotate anti-clockwise locking ring until it is free of grass mill. Using very carefully remove the rotation of the blade and the stationary blade. Remove the insert body. The pieces are ready for cleaning. Assembly process: Put insert into the body and install the first stationary blade

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