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Foldable Cloth Organizer

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It makes your closet much more neat and helps you locate clothing quickly!

Ideal for keeping T-shirts, skirts, scarves, leggings, sweaters, sweatshirts, thin coats, jeans, and other clothes. Home storage is made easy with the Foldable Cloth Organizer!


The non-woven fabric drawer organizer is odor-resistant and robust, with cardboard reinforcement on four sides. The closet pants organizer is kept sturdy and erect by the internal cardboard, making it simple to stack.

Sturdy Handles: The storage bins and closet organizers include two robust handles that make them portable across rooms. Additionally, it is easy to store and retrieve items from this organizer, which can be accessed from the closet, wardrobe, or shelf.

When not in use, the closet clothing organizer folds up swiftly and does not take much space.

Large Capacity: The Cloth Organizer for the closet is 40*28*20cm / 15.75*11.02*7.87 inches, allowing you to easily store clothes together and find them easily.


  • Material: nonwoven + OPP

  • Capacity: 20L

  • Size:

  • Package: 1 * Foldable Jeans Organizer for Closet

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