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Baby Safety Walking Harness

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Baby Walking Harness makes walking easy for your baby.

The baby walking harness helps the babies get up, maintain their balance, and walk steadily during their toddler years. It can also assist the infant in avoiding joint dislocation or deformity of the spine.

In addition to helping babies get up, baby walker harnesses also relieve parents' backaches from bending down.  

Its adjustable double socket design adapts to the height, weight, and thickness of the baby's clothing, letting the child walk at his or her own pace, lowering their fear of falling, and boosting their self-confidence.

To protect the baby from harm, thick cotton pads are cushioned around the waist and elbows, while the handles and straps are composed of cotton. well-made to guarantee the comfort and protection of the baby.



  • Material: Cotton + Polyester + Mesh Fabric
  • Weight: 120g
  • Load Bearing: up to 20kg / 44.09 pounds
  • Suitable Age: 8-24 months
Suitable for babies with a chest size between 40 - 60 cm/15.7-2.3.6 in.


  • 1 x  Safety Walking Assistant
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