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Automatic Domino Train Set

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Build the domino racing track you want with 80 colorful blocks. The transparent body allows you to see the interior of the train as it runs. Simply press the dominoes into the train holder to start the train and automatically lay down leaving a perfect row of dominoes. Turn the chimney to adjust the direction and change the driving track. Set them up in a row and push one and watch the chain effect of dominoes tumbling over, just like a race. Fun toy for kids and parents. You will need 2xAA batteries to start the train toy. (Batteries not included).



Our electric trains toys have a total length of 6.5 inches and are brightly colored. When the small train starts, it can automatically play the train sound with dynamic lights to increase the fun of the game. A cool little train toys for 3 year old boy. Different shape and function from other toy train will make the baby love it, and the unique design of the toy will make the kids more interested.



Simulation train shape, cool spray function, there will be a dropper in our toddler toys age box, use it to add water to the toy, unscrew the lid of the toy train, and put in the water (note: do not let the water overflow), and then screw on the lid. Start the train, a cool mist of water will be immediately sprayed from the steering wheel of the small train. Recommended for 3,4,5,6,7,8 years old boy girl toys.



Little train automatically places dominoes with 4 different colored blocks and different shapes inside the blocks to arouse kid's interest, stimulate their creativity and imagination. Help them develop color recognition, cognitive skills, spatial relationships, and teamwork. Dominoes is also an interactive educational toy between parents and children, exercising children's brain power and fine motor skills, and enhancing parent-child relationships.



The kids toys are made of high quality ABS material, non-toxic and tasteless, sturdy and durable, with smooth edges to ensure the safety of children when playing. Domino train can also be used as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift and other holiday gifts. Configured with colorful box packaging, kids will like it more. If you have any problem after using the train, please contact us, we will provide a satisfactory solution.

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