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3D Art Sand Glass Picture

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  • D painting: children's power and is suitable for office workers, students and people who work long in front of the computer. The continuous flow of sand painting can relieve stress. It can relieve eye fatigue.
  • Colored sand: power sandbag promotes the development of intelligence and improves mood. Carefully selected coloured sand layered. Each flip can create a non-repeating dynamic painting that produces excellent 3D effect pattern.
  • Glass frame: it can effectively play the function of anti-drop or anti-pressure. The liquid movement of sand painting is fresh and simply beautiful and generous. The sand painting set for children uses a glass frame that is robust and durable.
  • Universal product: the plastic base is sensitive and thick. The movable sand art decoration is suitable for ballroom bedroom office and study. Movable sand art can be placed anywhere, e.g. in hotels restaurants bars.
  • Wonderful creative gift: sand painting is especially suitable for office workers, students and people who work on the computer for a long time. Moving sand pictures are great gifts for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and families.
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