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360° Rotatable Cleaning Mop

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  • 【Freely retractable handle】: It is spliced, and the length of the three-section rod is 1.15m. It is suitable for the elderly and children. The extended handle is easy to clean and save effort at high places, and the multi-stage adjustment design can easily cope with different scenes. The handle can be adjusted freely and can be used to mop the floor, wash the car, wipe the glass, etc., bringing more portability to your life.
  • 【Wet mopping and dry mopping dual purpose】: easy to clean, strong in water absorption and decontamination, can be used to remove dust and stains, making cleaning simple and convenient. Quickly remove dust without lint, electrostatically absorb dust and fluff, easily absorb dust, without lint, and clean as new with a light drag.
  • 【Multi-angle rotating head】: easy to clean, adjustable handle design, multi-angle rotating head, you can easily clean the ceiling, corners, sofa bottom, etc.
  • 【Multi-scenario application】 : One thing, multi-use, multi-scenario application. For example: tiled walls, dry mopping on the ground, cabinet bottoms, wooden floors, etc.
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