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3 Pcs Mini Wire Brush Set

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3 Pc Mini Wire Brush Kit: This set includes 3 different brushes for cleaning purpose. Ideal for gas burner, taps and other kitchen appliances . It consists of 3 Mini Wire Brush Set Includes (1) Nylon Wire Brush, (1) Brass Wire Brush, (1) Metal Steel Wire Brush

Nylon Bristles Brush: Nylon brush is best for removing dirt and dust remained in an opening.

Metal Steel Bristles Brush: Metal steel brush is for removing rust. Ideal for cleaning small car parts such as spark plugs or removing small patches of rust and excess paintwork.

Brass Bristles Brush: Brass brush is for cleaning a gas range stove clogged with dirt.

Easy Cleaning: By using these brushes, you can reach and clean the tiny corners. Easy and efficient and quick cleaning with less time and effort
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