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Magical Water Painting Book

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Unleash your child's artistic flair with this enchanting educational toy!

Reusable Convenience: Say goodbye to frequent replacements! This drawing book is endlessly reusable. Each stroke reveals vibrant colors that vanish as it dries, allowing your child to color and create anew, time after time.

Highly Engaging and Educational: Foster keen observation, color perception, and animal familiarity in your child. This activity is a treasure trove of learning, combining abundant fun with valuable knowledge acquisition!

    Compact and convenient: Due to its compact size, the drawing book can also be taken out today trips so kids can draw wherever they want!

      Let your kid explore their aesthetic side with this fun educational magic water drawing book! Engage in cute parent-child activity and help your kid get better as they draw.


      • Style: Underwater World, Animal, Traffic Tool, Dinosaur World, Happy Holidays, Cakes, Numbers, Letters

      • Material: Paper

      • Age: All years old

      • Book size: 18.3*14.8cm/7.20*5.83in

      • Pen size: 11.3 cm/4.45in

        How to use the water brush pen?
        1. Open the pen tip by rotating it clockwise
        2. Fill it with water
        3. Close the pen tip
        4. Draw on the water album
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