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3D Moving Glass Sandscape

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The "3D Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass Deep Sea Sandscape Hourglass Quicksand Craft Flowing Sand Painting Home Decor" is a unique and captivating piece of decorative art that combines elements of traditional art, science, and relaxation. Here's a detailed description of this fascinating home decor item:

3D Moving Sand Art: This art piece features a three-dimensional design, using layers of colored sand and air bubbles inside a sealed glass frame. The sand moves in mesmerizing patterns, creating dynamic and ever-changing landscapes as it flows through the artwork.

 Round Glass Design: The frame of the art piece is typically made of high-quality, clear glass, allowing you to see the sand and its movements clearly from all angles. The round shape adds to its aesthetic appeal and allows for a full view of the sand's journey.


• 7 inch size perfect for home decor.
.• Unique and mesmerizing decorative accent.
• Adds a calming and relaxing atmosphere to any room.


  • Material: Glass + Plastic
  • Shape: Round, Square
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